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Warrant number 137, was first issued to brethren at labour at “Mr Bray`s”, Swan Alley, Dublin, in September 1743.

Warrant Number 137 was cancelled on the 4th Feb. 1837.

Grand Lodge re-issued the warrant on the 5th December 1842, following an application from three brethren, namely Dr.William Heivee, Char.D.Kelly, and Andrew Home, Of Ballinasloe. The recommendation was that the Warrant no.137 in Ballinasloe,Co.Galway would be known as  The Sussex Lodge.

Five members of Sussex lodge no.137 served in the 1914-18 war, and all of them  returned safely home.

It held its meetings in what was then Craig’s Hotel, and which subsequently became The Masonic Hall. To the Pott’s family, of Coween Castle, Ballinasloe, a deep debt of gratitude is due for their kindness in placing the building, free of rent, at the disposal of the Masonic order.

The Masonic hall was raided and burnt out in 1922. However the warrant of the lodge was saved, and with the help and kindness of the brethren of Athlone a new home was found for the lodge.

From 1935, The Sussex Lodge met in Athlone Co. Westmeath, and from 1948 it met in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. The lodge now meets in Athlone, and is known as The Ballinasloe Lodge No. 137.

Lodge no.137 continues to function to this day, despite all its troubles and set-backs of the past, and long may it continue to flourish.